Create a light and airy feel with our glazed exterior hardwood door featuring a large upper window.

Featuring a large glass pane with two panels below, this simple design has a laid back, contemporary look. The clear-glass window lets in plenty of light and is double glazed for insulation. So you can make it your own, this door arrives ready for painting or staining.

Mondello H2XG External Glazed Door DXH51/DXP51, Prices from

Door installation
  • Colour Description - Oak

    Construction detail - Pre-beaded

    Construction Material - Hardwood

    Core Material - Engineered Timber

    Door construction - Dowel and glue construction

    Door Finish Type - Unfinished

    Door Location - External

    Finish With - Paint or Stain

    Glazing - Supplied with clear double glazing

    Glazing Fixing Method - Beading and Pinned

    Glazing Stamp Details - Visible on glazing unit to comply with legislation

    Glazing type - Double

    Glue/Resin - Exterior B4

    Lipping Material - Meranti Hardwood

    Number of Panels - 2

    Surface veneer thickness - 1mm

    Timber Species - Meranti, Albasia Falcata, Oak

    Veneer grade - A

    Veneer thickness - cross ply - 3mm

    Veneer timber species - Red Meranti


    Product Measurements

    Bottom Rail - 180mm

    Door lipping thickness - bottom - 12mm

    Door lipping thickness - sides - 12mm

    Door lipping thickness - top - 12mm

    Glazing Height - 956mm

    Glazing thickness - 14mm

    Height - 1981mm

    Height (Imperial) - 6'6"

    Middle Rail - 180mm

    Stile - 115mm

    Thickness - 44mm

    Top Rail - 115mm

    Weight (Excluding Packaging) - 27.169kg

    Width - 762mm

    Width (Imperial) - 2'6"


    Glazing certificate available



    Door Edging Maximum Trim Bottom - 5mm

    Door Edging Maximum Trim Each Side - 5mm

    Door Edging Maximum Trim Top - 5mm


    Edging additional information

    An equal amount of timber should be removed from each side/ top & bottom. Remaining within the parameters of the maximum trim instructions ensures the construction of the door is not compromised.


    Fitting Instructions

    • Ready for finishing with recommended exterior varnish, stain or paint.
    • The side of the door with the 'face' sticker should face the outside.
    • Please refer to door instructions for all fitting information.
    • The front of the door can be identified by the "run off" on the glass fitting, the internal side is loose pinned.
    • For identification, the Howdens logo, SKU code and batch number is on the top edge of the door.


    Lock Block Additional Information

    A lock block is not included on this door as it is a solid construction. The lock can be fitted in any location on either side, avoiding mid rail joints as this can weaken the structure of the door.


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