Ensure your doors open smoothly by using these self-coloured steel butt hinges that bring a timeless look to your home.

Traditionally designed, these steel butt hinges will look good in any room of your house and are available in both 3" and 4" sizes. Mainly used for hanging standard domestic doors of light to medium weight, they are hard wearing and give a clean, shiny appearance.Finishes available: Brass, Chrome, Black, Self Coloured Steel, Satin Nickel, Zinc Plated

Product codes: 

HNG0003 Brass 3"

HNG0004 Brass 4"

HNG0017 Chrome 3"

HNG0018 Chrome 4"

HNG0056 Black 3"

HNG0057 Black 4"

HNG0001 Self Coloured Steel 3"

HNG0002 Self Coloured Steel 4"

HNG0023 Satin Nickel 3"

HNG0024 Satin Nickel 4"

HNG0019 Zinc Plated 3"

HNG0014 Zinc Plated 4"


Light Duty Pattern 1838 Steel Butt Hinge

  • Core Material - Steel

    Hinge duty - Light Duty

    Material - Steel

    Pack Size - 1

    Product Type - Butt


    Product Measurements

    Height (Imperial) - 3" / 4"

    Length - 76mm / 102mm

    Max Door Mass 20 / 30 kg

    Weight (Excluding Packaging) - 0.044kg


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