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Terms and conditions 

TFS DOORS LIMITED: Terms of Business – Terms and Conditions – Important to read before purchase.



Packaging and sending large fragile items is very expensive so we cannot emphasize how important it is to make sure you get a sample or enquire by email before purchasing limited stock on discontinued doors just because Howdens says its that range and colour doesn't mean 100% for sure that it is because some staff haven't worked there long or get confused for some reason.


1. The customer is responsible for selecting the correct size and colour, return postage is paid by the customer if the item is not the correct size and colour or does not match the buyer’s expectations or match or suit the customers own décor or existing fittings. The buyer should not rely solely on the photo in the listing to establish an exact match to his/her requirements. There is a 25% charge for admin fees to restock the item if it is returned  


2. The item may vary from the photos if the photos are only typical examples of a variety of sizes and colours on offer: DOORS AND DRAWERS ARE NOT SOLD TOGETHER AS SETS AND HANDLES ARE NOT INCLUDED EACH MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY BY SIZE - you are not buying what is in the picture please see the sizes menu at the top of the page. Therefore the customer is responsible for obtaining samples before purchase, or further information. Photos can vary from the item in colour or shade and the way the grain pattern runs either top to bottom or left to right. The buyer is deemed to accept this, check this information when purchasing and is responsible for the cost of returns.


3. Sometimes the item is listed as having some defect the buyer is responsible for asking the nature of the defect before purchasing and obtaining further information or samples or photos etc from the seller. The buyer is deemed to have read the description in detail when purchasing.


4. Sometimes items in the photos are not included in the sale, the description takes precedence over the photos in every instance the buyer is deemed as having read the description and made the relevant enquiries.


5. The customer is responsible for returning unwanted items at his own cost. The buyer is requested to ask for further information before starting the return as the seller may not wish to have the item returned and may reimburse the seller and ask for the item to be disposed of if it is damaged in transit.


6. Refunds are issued on return of an item in the condition as originally sold, the buyer is therefore responsible for the full value of the goods in transit when returning an item.


7. Items that have been personalised or where the original item has been altered by request, cut to a different size, or adapted in anyway, are NOT eligible for return or refund.


8. Claims for compensation or replacement of damaged items should be sent within 7 days of receipt of item supported by full size photos sent to our  email or phone number This is not a legal requirement this is a polite request and a term and condition of the sale.


Claims for damage by the courier need to be submitted to the courier within 14 days of delivery so we ask for all details/photos to be submitted to us within 10 days of delivery to enable a claim to be made in good time. If you let us know of any damage after 14 days from delivery, a claim will not be possible and no refund for the item and/or postage will be given.


9. Damages and compensations are limited to the cost of the item and reimbursement of postage costs in accordance with English Law. Please see above, details must be sent to us within 14 days of delivery.


10. Before leaving negative or neutral feedback or starting any case including the return of the item the buyer is requested to contact the seller for a resolution (which may include providing a return label) as the seller may not require the return of the item. Failure to do this may result in the seller placing the buyer on a blocked bidders list.


11. If neutral or negative feedback is given without first contacting the seller and resolving the issue the seller reserves the right to list the buyer as a blocked bidder and to share this information with other sellers. 


12. The buyer should observe the delivery time stated in the listing and should not demand an earlier delivery. If concerned the buyer should contact the seller if the item does not arrive in 7 days and again after 10 days and should not start a case for non-delivery unless a satisfactory replacement has not been sent within 14 days or a reasonable explanation given. The seller reserves the right to block the bidder if the buyer reacts to unavoidable delays unreasonably. Delivery delays by the courier are out of the control of the seller and the seller cannot be held responsible for any courier delays.


13. The seller reserves the right to cancel the transaction on the buyer’s behalf (without penalty) if the seller suspects or finds any of the following;


a. The buyer has not supplied a correct delivery address


b. The buyer refuses to supply a contact telephone number or respond to emails concerning the delivery time and date or fails when asked to confirm the details of the order including size selection and quantity.


c. The buyer has attempted to buy a size or colour which is not in the listing


d. The buyer has ordered one size or colour but stated in a message that they require a different size or colour. Or any message received conflicts with the order placed.


e. The buyer has ordered multiple items without explanation and the seller suspects it is an error by the buyer and the buyer does not respond to enquiries made by the seller.


f. The buyer does not pay.

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