recycle your old doors

The issue of recycling old doors when you consider having new replacement doors in your home can be concerning.


The questions that come to mind include....


  • Can the materials used in the manufacture of the old doors be recycled or re-used?

  • Does your local council allow old doors at their recycling site?

  • Can it be disposed of economically? 


Thankfully there is good news, as we at TFS collect and recycle your old internal and external doors if you live within 5 miles of Leighton Buzzard LU7.


We have options when recycling old doors:

- One of our options is giving these items away to those who will use them as a design project. They restore the product and make them into possibly another door, or another piece of furniture.

- Another option is to give our recycled products to homeowners or people who would benefit from these doors in their home.

- Our last option is giving these doors to a specialist recycling company. The use of these recycling companies ensure that the old doors do not end up going to landfill sites. These options prevent products from being wasted.


It is good to know that the recycling of your old doors prevents the valuable materials being lost to landfill sites and reduces the amount of raw materials being used up.


Cons of products filling up a landfill site are all the toxins being released which can cause serious health problems.


We have a £10 fee per door we collect.



Go GREEN today!

Recycle image.webp
Recycle image.webp